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We are about you and your care and comfort. Our name ‘Swastik’ in itself means wellbeing.

With more focus on cutting the roots of the concern rather than branches, we bring to the table solutions derived from all standpoints.

Each patient is different and requires an expert’s attention. Understanding this, we take care of your minute details that make the biggest difference.

With trained experts and specialists with us, no discomfort is left untreated. From physicians, surgeons to urologists, we have diversity in our team. With every doctor specialized in curing a specific pain, it’s all taken care of so you don’t compromise with your health and dreams.

In our different departments, right from radiology to sonography, everything is provided under one roof. We are equipped with top-notch technologies for modern-day diagnosis. Our staff is highly trained, which leaves no room for errors. With an ambulance always ready for your emergency, we are just a phone call away.

With us, your concern is no more yours alone. We are a part of it. We solve your issue so you revisit us only to say thank you, and that is worth the hard work for us. Healing hands and caring hearts is the nature of all the staff. Undergoing years and years of training have granted our hands the power to heal. We are here for society, and we will give our best to serve. Our team of directors has led us for years, teaching us the art of caring and curing.

Let yourself soar high because we are with you. We are supporting you, encouraging you with every step you take. The more we can help you, the better we become everyday. We are all about our patients. We are all about not stopping until we find the solution.

With us, healthier life awaits you.


We are proud to introduce to you the talented and dedicated Directors at Swastik Hospital. Meet

MBBS, DNB, FDM (PGPD, USA), PGD Clinical Endocrinology, RCP, London.

Dr. Rajanshu Tiwari

  • A practicing Consulting Physician and clinical Endocrinologist for seven years with an integrated approach towards every case.
  • His expertise has led him to be an Honorary Visiting consultant at major super specialty institutes like Swastik Hospital and Research Centre, Apollo Spectra Hospital, Inlaks Hospital, Zen Hospital
  • Critical (intensive care unit) and metabolic disorders are his areas of expertise.
  • Because of his dedicated-mastery and passion, he is attached to the American Heart Association, SEMI (Mumbai Chapter, Maharashtra).
  • Along with his down to earth nature, he believes in humane touch with holistic care.
Dr. Amit R. Shobhavat
MBBS, DNB(Internal Medicine), FCCM, Dip.Diabetology, LLB

Dr. Amit R. Shobhavat

  • A well-known name in his field, he has been a practicing Physician and Intensivist since 14yrs.
  • His achievements also involve being an Honorary consultant at Somaiya Super specialty Hospital, SRV Hospital (Chembur), Shushrut Hospital, Inlaks General Hospital.
  • His special interests are in Critical Care, Diabetes Mellitus, and complications with an ongoing zeal and passion in serving people in every way possible.
Dr. Dhivay M. Bathija
MBBS and MD in Internal Medicine.

Dr. Dhivay M. Bathija

  • A Consulting Cardiometabolic Physician, Diabetologist, an Intensivist for four years with a vision of helping the society.
  • His achievements don’t stop at being an Honorary Visiting Consultant at Swastik Hospital, Surana Sethia Hospital, Inlaks Hospital, Zen Hospital, and Chembur Hospital.
  • Intensive care and management, diabetes and complication management, Hypertension and management, and thyroid diseases and management, are some of his interests that drive him to work harder and do better every day.